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Client Testimonial Energym Personal Training Melbourne
Jess before Personal Training with Energym


“I have always been a very active person, but in the beginning of 2015 I started to feel less energised. I stopped going to my daily training and I felt quite low and tired. In July 2015, I realised that I had to do something. I had gained 10 kilos and I wasn’t able to fit in to any of my clothes anymore. I felt depressed. I knew that I needed help from someone who knew what they are doing, someone to help me find my motivation for training again. So I contacted Energym Management and got in touch with Sara. She started training me twice a week and it didn’t take long until I started to feel better again.”

Jess lost 9kgs over just 3 months with her Energym Personal Trainer


“When I first met Sara, my weight was at 61kg, three months later, I’d lost everything I’ve gained, I felt stronger than ever and my weight had dropped down to 50kg. Sara helped me to find my motivation again. She has taught me a lot about what to do in the gym, something I had no idea about earlier, and most of all, to actually enjoy being at the gym. I would definitely recommend her as a personal trainer. She is always very positive and encouraging and pushes me to work hard and to do the best I can. “

I look forward to my Pilates classes with Sara as she is so thorough regarding the correct techniques and keeps the classes hard and challenging. As I have a desk job it makes all the difference.

– Meg Donnelly, a regular at Energym’s Pilates class

I recently cleaned out my parents house over several days, lifting and carrying furniture and metal tools from the shed, expecting to be stiff and stiff afterwards. I was surprised how well by body coped without any soreness due to my strong core and breathing from Pilates.

– Angela Forgan, Energym Pilates class regular