Corporate Health Programs


Increase Employee Health and Productivity

As well as gym facility management, we also offer an array of corporate health management options in Melbourne. Numerous studies have shown that healthy and fit employees are more productive employees, proving that engaging in a corporate health programme has immense benefits for your business.

Located in Melbourne, our corporate health program is entirely flexible, and can be adjusted to suit your company’s specific needs. Whether you’re looking for workplace health evaluations, or regular group fitness options for your office, the sky’s the limit!

The benefits of corporate health programs cannot be underestimated. Wellness initiatives in the workplace have been proven by research to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of employees, as well as their health and happiness. Corporate health programmes and corporate group fitness classes also encourage community and bonding in the workplace, as well as being the most effective form of stress relief.


One of the classes we offer in our corporate health program is a unique fusion of Yoga and Pilates (pictured), a perfect way for your employees to combat the effects of sitting behind a desk all day.


  • Group fitness classes held at your office
  • Choose from yoga, barre, pilates, yogalates, barre pilates, weights circuit, body balance, synergy, boxing, martial arts, or karate
  • Office health evaluation
  • Gym facility management
  • Corporate fitness centre design
  • Education about health and wellness in the workplace
  • Yoga for stress relief and to combat the effects of sitting all day

Group Fitness Classes

If you don’t have a corporate fitness centre, its not a problem – we can come to you! Choosing to use our corporate health programme means we can come to you to hold a fitness group class for your entire office, no matter where you are in Melbourne. The type of fitness class, the time, the date and the frequency is entirely up to you.

Enlisting in a corporate health programme shows your employees you care about them and value their hard work and contribution to your company. A corporate health programme is also attractive to potential new employees, making your company the type of workplace that will attract only the best and brightest.

There are many ways we can work with you and your company to improve the health and wellness of your employees. Contact us and we can give you a few ideas of exactly what options we can offer you and your company. Or we can schedule a free consultation, where we brainstorm together what would be the best corporate health program for you and your business.

Contact Sara today to see what Energym Management Melbourne can do for you and your business. Engage in a corporate health programme and watch the happiness and productivity of your employees increase ten fold. Take your company above and beyond other businesses, and become that workplace everyone wants to be a part of!

Total Health at Energym Management Melbourne

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