EGM has lots of awesome events to get Yarra’sEdge residents together and build healthy relationships to enhance mental and physical well-being.  We run indoor competitions and challenges, outdoor group walking sessions, Zumba festivals, workshops… to build a great community for people with different abilities and training targets.


YarrasEdge Tour De France

Tour De France Challenge runs for 4 weeks every year and the resident who rides the longest distance win the prize.  Competitors use the gym static bikes and EGM staff will record and calculate their progress daily, also produce weekly summary.




YarrasEdge Outdoor Walking Events

We run regular walking events to help residents make friends and explore the Yarrasedge, take their minds off the worries of everyday live, walk with other people in a sociable environment, enhance the stress-relieving potential of walking and learn essential walking skills.




YarrasEdge Zumba Festivals

Our Zumba events incorporate moderate aerobic activity, interval training and resistance training all in one session!





YarrasEdge Workshops

We provide group meetings focus on specific topics, such as high blood pressure and exercise, Diabetes workouts, Foam roller techniques…




Yarra’s Edge Social Gatherings