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Energym Events And Challenges

Held At RekDek Gym

As well as managing the RekDek Gym and its facilities, Energym also organises and manages Fitness and Health events and challenges that run throughout the year. We organise these events to give our clients a way to test their fitness and test their health, and to reward all their hard work!

Energym Managment is all about helping people better themselves, primarily in their health and fitness. Its good to have something to work towards, and a little healthy competition is good for the mind – and the body!

Energym Health Challenges and Events

Challenge Yourself – Be The Best You Can Be!

We at Energym believe pushing yourself is the key to bettering yourself. Self-growth is good for the mind, body and soul. Our challenges and events are aimed at helping our clients realise their potential and gain confidence in their fitness and their abilities.

Energym’s challenges inspire and motivate our clients to achieve their fitness goals. All challenges encourage participants to increase their fitness levels in a way that is healthy and fun. And the reward at the end of the line is motivating too – all participants of each challenge win prizes at the end of the challenge for their participation and commitment. There is also a draw for each challenge, with the chance to win even bigger prizes!

Past Events And Challenges

Current & Upcoming Events And Challenges

  • Tour De France 2017 _Registration opening now!