Energym Co-Founder Sara


Energym Co-Founder and Managing director of Energym Management in Melbourne, Sara has a wealth of experience in many areas of fitness education and teaching. Her background includes a Masters in Physical Education and Sport Science, education in Physiotherapy, as well as over 15 years of experience as a personal trainer, gym manager and fitness class instructor.

Sara also holds a Certificate III and IV in Fitness, a Pilates Instructor Certificate, Foam Roller Certificate, Mums and Bubs Instructor Certificate. Sara has also worked as both a Karate national coach and a Karate national referee, as well as personally winning international, national and state medals in Karate.

Energym Management Melbourne Co-Founder Sara
Energym Management Melbourne Co-Founder Sara (pictured)

Sara teaching one of her Group Fitness Classes.

Group Fitness

As well as personal one on one training, Sara personally organises and teaches Group Fitness classes. The Group classes Sara teaches cover a variety of Barre classes, Yoga classes and Pilates classes.

Sara also teaches a weekly Tuesday night class in the docklands, open to all members of the public. Drawing on her experience with Pilates, Yoga, and Barre, Sara has created a unique fusion of all three exercises. Sara has combined the most effective elements of Pilates, Yoga and Barre, the result being is a fun and fitness class suitable for all ages and fitness types.

Corporate Health

Sara and Energym Management also offer a corporate health service. Using this service, businesses can hire Sara or one of her trained professionals to visit corporate locations and teach a fitness class, regularly or as a one off visit.

Corporate health programs have been proven to improve employee productivity and happiness in the workplace. Emerging research is consistently proving that corporate health is key to maintaining a happy and productive team of employees.

Martial Arts

Sara also teaches martial arts and karate, taking home the 2007 Inland World Champion Bronze Medal in the United Kingdom. More than one of Sara’s students have taken home gold medals themselves in Martial Arts and Karate. Sara offers this service to customers in a one on one, personal training program.

To contact Sara about Energym Management, Personal Training, Corporate Health Management or Group Fitness classes, please email her at [email protected]

Energym Management Melbourne Co-Founder

One of Sara’s Gold Medal Award winning Karate students