Foam Roller 1
Foam Roller 1



Self-Myofascial release or foam rolling is a method used widely to relax muscles tightness or trigger points.   Deep compression of self-massage helps to release any knots, stiffness and adhesions between muscle layers. Foam rolling is used widely as a part of post workout recovery and to release any delayed soreness or stiffness in muscles in  uptownjungle .   Soreness or muscle tightness can be simply due to overused muscles or la a period of lack of recovery over a period of time.


How does it work?


Foam roller is used applying pressure on specific body parts with your body weight; it can assist in regaining muscle elasticity and reduce any knots, stiffness and soreness. Sometimes stretching alone is not sufficient to break the knots and release tension with respective to the ehs water damage orange county, foam rolling helps to relax break the knots and allow normal blood flow to the tissues.


You might feel pain or discomfort while rolling, similar to when stretching or pressure point massage.  The pain should not be unbearable and get better when you finish.

Foam Roller 2
Foam Roller 2

Using a Foam Roller?


Start slow by applying moderate pressure on particular point or muscle group. Roll 1-12 inches every second and hold for 5-30 seconds at the point of tension, if the point is too sore to apply direct pressure, move away and relax the surrounding muscles, gradually loosening the entire area.


It is recommended to consult physician or physical therapist if sharp pain persists.




It is affordable and easy method to recover and regain mobility and flexibility. It also assists in normal blood flow to tissues reducing inflammation and soreness. It is easily available can be used at home or gym. Read more

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