RekDek Gym Membership


Are you a resident of Yarra’s Edge? Did you know you are entitled to a RekDek Gym memberhsip – completely free?

Sound too good to be true? It’s just another one of the perks of living in beautiful Yarra’s Edge! The RekDek gymnasium boasts a number of features including; a spa, sauna, steam-room, fitness class studios and a wide range of fitness machines to choose from. The gymnasium is open 5:30am-10:30pm daily.

Also included in our facilities is a state of the art swimming pool, surrounded glass walls. The glass exterior of the pool gives you an absolutely incredible view of Melbourne, even while you’re underwater!

Personal Training, Health Evaluation and Fitness Classes

EnergymManagement Health and Fitness Evaluation. We give you a full health evaluation when you sign up with us.

RekDek gym is managed and organised by Energym Management (EGM). At Energym Management, our focus is always on bettering your health – in everything we do. As well as the complimentary gym membership, Energym also provide the option of additional fitness classes (Free and  Paid) for RekDek gym members. Check out a class sometime and see how you like it. 

As well as our amazing gym facilities, we also give you a full health evaluation when you sign up with us. As part of EnergymManagement (EGM) services, we measure your body fat percentage, heart and lung capacity, upper and lower body strength, flexibility and blood pressure. We then give you a health score compared to the average of your age group. Once we know where you are health wise, we are able to better assist you on your journey to increasing your health and fitness. This health evaluation is important to both us and you, as it helps us tailor your fitness program in a way that is most beneficial for you.

In addition to the free gym membership, Energym Management offers a number of fitness classes to choose from.
EGM team of personal trainers offer private training options as well as teaching fitness classes.

Personal Training

Energym team of trainers also provide personal training options. If you’re looking for more focused, one on one private training, please visit our personal training page. Energym’s personal trainers will work hard alongside you to help you achieve the results you want, when you want them. Our aim is to make health and fitness fun, so we will work out what is best for you – and what you have the most fun doing!

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