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At Energym Management, we take gym facility management to a whole new level. In addition to running the day-to-day management of both residential and corporate gyms throughout Melbourne, we also design and incorporate group classes and fitness challenges to keep our clients inspired, motivated and educated about fitness.



Residential Gym Facility Management

From managing corporate health programs to managing residential gym facilities, Energym Management has had success in all fields of gym facility management. 

We offer residential gym management services at any building or site of your choosing – whether it be simply a weekly group fitness class held in a spare meeting room in your office, or managing an entire gymnasium for your buildings residents.

Gym Facility Management Melbourne
Energym currently manages the RekDek gym and its facilities for all Yarra’s Edge residents in Melbourne Docklands (pictured)

Fitness Class Management

Gym facility management doesn’t stop with simply overseeing the running of a gym. At Energym, we believe in taking gym management a step further than other businesses in Melbourne. Not only do we oversee the running of the gym, but we personally design and teach group fitness classes. Our clients have access to a team of highly capable and qualified personal trainers. Working with our world class personal trainers, members have access to every type of fitness training under the sun – from karate, to martial arts, to yoga, pilates or barre. We do it all!


Services our gym facility management includes:

  • Managing day to day running of gym facilities
  • Managing café, spa, sauna, swimming pool, steam-room
  • Designing, organizing and teaching an assortment of group fitness classes
  • Providing a professional team of personal trainers
  • Health evaluation and induction for all new gym members
  • Designing gymnasium layout for maximum flow and efficiency
  • Assisting in the purchase of appropriate fitness machines
  • Organizing and managing fitness challenges and events to keep gym members motivated and having fun
  • Working with gym members to help them find an exercise schedule that is fun, challenging and fits into their busy schedule
  • Residential / corporate fitness centre design

Gym facility Management and Corporate Health Programs in Melbourne
Energym also offers Corporate Health programs, where we work with you and your business to improve the health and productivity of your employees.

Corporate Health and Fitness Management

Energym’s services don’t stop at gym facility management. As well as corporate fitness centre design, we offer the option of a corporate health program. If you don’t provide your employees with a gymnasium, its not a problem – we can come to you! For more information on the corporate health options available, please visit our corporate health page here.

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Pricing options

Please see our generic pricing options below. If you are a facilities manager or owner’s corporation responsible for the oversight of a residential gym, please contact us for a tailored pricing package specific to your requirements.

Per hour  



Block of 20 hours per week $2,000
Block of 40 hours per week $3,800

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