Health Evaluation


Gain control over your health with our intensive health evaluation. We measure all aspects of your health for every new client. This process is essential to both us and our clients, as it helps us work together safely based on our clients current health and fitness levels. It also helps us work out how best to increase our clients health and fitness, in a way that is going to be comfortable for them, but also challenge them so they see the results they want.

The health evaluation process includes measuring your upper and lower body strength, flexibility, heart and lung capacity, blood pressure, and body fat percentage. We then compare your results to the average of your age group, and the optimal score for your age group, giving you a health score out of 100.

This health evaluation process is available to all members of the public, regardless of whether you are interested in becoming a client of ours or not. If you are interested in finding out your healthy score, feel free to contact us to schedule your health evaluation.

Health Programs available in Melbourne with Energym Management

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