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Fitness and health are the building blocks to happiness and a long and satisfying life. At Energym, we know that increasing your health and fitness is an investment in yourself that gives you unlimited benefits. Our health programs are designed to help our clients build the foundations for a long and healthy life of good habits and regular exercise.

Improving your health is the one thing that increases the quality of all areas of your life. And with our increasingly sedentary world, regular exercise has never been so important to our health. Office jobs and commutes by car and evenings in front of television mean that the majority of our lives are now sedentary. Fitting in exercise can be difficult with busy schedules, but no schedule is too busy to deprive yourself of the exercise your body needs. Enlist in one of our health programs and watch your energy, productivity and motivation increase by bounds in just the first few days. This is an investment that is guaranteed to provide benefits for the rest of your life.

Health Programs Energym Management Melbourne

Weight Loss Program

Work with one of our personal trainers on exercises designed specifically to help you lose weight. Our qualified trainers design workouts that both burn fat and build muscle, creating in a leaner shape over time. Our trainers mix up the workouts to keep them challenging and to prevent boredom. We work over time on increasing the difficulty of the workouts as your fitness improves. Click here to read more about our weight loss program and how we can help you on your weight loss journey.

Corporate Health

Research has proven that fit and healthy employees are more productive, efficient, and happy in the workplace. We can help you and your employees to create a happy and healthy workplace for all, resulting in more efficiency and better quality of work. Engaging in a corporate health program would mean we assist you in increasing the health of your employees. You can choose what you would like out of our corporate health services, including the option of health evaluations and fitness classes held at the location of your choosing. Click here to read more about the Corporate Health programs we have available.

Health Evaluation

We measure your body fat percentage, upper and lower body strength, flexibility, blood pressure, and heart and lung capacity. We then give you a health score out of 100 compared to the population average of your age group. Click here for more details on our health evaluation or to schedule a health evaluation.


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