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Energym Co-Founder Sara teaches this unique fusion Pilates Yoga class Docklands. The class is held weekly at Melbourne Docklands every Tuesday night 6pm – 6:45pm. Open to all members of the public, our Pilates studio is located in the Hub, right in the middle of the park. For all first timers, your first session is completely free!


Designed personally by our Co-Founder Sara, our Yoga Pilates mat class begins with soothing Yoga stretches to warm up and improve flexibility. We then move on to Pilates movements, focusing first on core exercises.


Pilates Yoga Class to Strengthen and Tone the Entire Body


Strengthening the core is beneficial to every area of the body. Sara’s carefully chosen core exercises focus on building the core muscles, and are proven to be beneficial for lower back, knee and shoulder injuries. Sara also incorporates the use of props like the mini ball, theraband and yoga blocks to enhance certain Pilates movements and increase their effectiveness. EGM provides all props free of charge to use in Yoga Pilates Mat Class.

Energym’s Pilates Yoga Fusion class consists of Yoga exercises to warm up and strengthening Pilates movements to tone and sculpt a lean body.
We incorporate muscle building props such as free weights to enhance Pilate’s movements and build muscle for a toned body.

We then move on to the fitness section of our Pilates Yoga Class, using free weights as well as body weight exercises to strengthen and tone the entire body and build muscle. This section shapes and sculpts the entire body, resulting in a faster metabolism and leaner body overall.


 Yoga for Muscle Recovery and Relaxation


To warm down, we return to yoga. We transition from dynamic stretches into more relaxing yoga stretches, with focus on our breathing. Deep breaths release the tension from our bodies, crucial after a busy work-day and intense workout. We then move to the closing meditation of our session, closing the eyes and listening to relaxing music in order to soothe our minds and bodies into relaxation and healing.

Pilates Yoga Class at Docklands Studio, Session Times and Price

Yoga Pilates Class is held every Tuesday night, 6pm – 6:45 pm at the Hub Docklands studio in Melbourne, and open to all members of the public. For first time visitors, your first session is free!

If you think you’ll be more of a regular visitor, you can opt instead to have your first ten sessions at a half price discount. Either way, you’re saving money – so book a class with us today!


Options: Price:
First time FREE! FREE
OR choose 10x classes at 1/2 price $150 for ten classes
FREE Pilates Yoga Fusion Class Melbourne Docklands
Soothing Yoga poses and breathing exercises to warm down aid in muscle recovery after a tough workout. We finish with a few minutes of calming meditative relaxation.





I look forward to my Pilates classes at Docklands Studio with Sara as she is so thorough regarding the correct techniques and keeps the classes hard and challenging. As I have a desk job it makes all the difference.


– Meg Donnelly, a regular at Energym’s Pilates mat class


I recently cleaned out my parents house over several days, lifting and carrying furniture and metal tools from the shed, expecting to be stiff and stiff afterwards. I was surprised how well by body coped without any soreness due to my strong core and breathing from Pilates class.


– Angela Forgan, Energym Pilates classes Docklands


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