Energym Co-Founder Sara has personally designed all group classes, available to all residents of Yarra Edge. Sara is a certified Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor, and has combined elements of popular exercises to create fun, effective and unique group classes. 

The Pilates classes combine the most effective elements of Yoga and Pilates, using Yoga stretches for warming up and down. Barre Pilates is a combination of Barre and Pilates, with Yoga used again to warm up and down. Sara’s years of experience in the fitness industry has helped her create fitness classes that are both effective and enjoyable, with options available for every fitness level.

Available exclusively to Yarra Edge residents, if you think you’ll be a more regular customer, you can choose to get your first ten classes at a half price discount. Scroll down to read more about each group class, and decide which one is right for you. Feel free to mix it up and try all three classes – the ten class discount applies to all group classes.

Yoga – Pilates Level 1

Pilates Level 1 is the perfect class to ease yourself into Pilates, or even just in to fitness in general. Pilates Level 1 is also great on rest days, as it focuses on stretching and releasing tension from the body.

Ease yourself into Pilates with this beginners Pilates class. Suitable for all age groups and fitness levels, this Level 1 Pilates class focuses on easing the body into fitness and into Pilates.

Created by Energym Co-Founder and certified Pilates instructor Sara, this class centers around stretching and mobilization of the body. We use Yoga stretches to warm up and warm down, focusing on breathing techniques and releasing tension built up in the muscles from stress.

Pilates Level 1 is the perfect class to take if you are a beginner, whether you’re new to Pilates or to fitness in general. Sara teaches the class personally and will help keep things at your level. Come try a class today – Talk to us about our special discounts and offers for new members !

Pilates Level 2 (Intermediate)

Pilates Level 2 is for those of you who have some experience in Pilates, or who already partake in regular exercise.

As with Pilates Level 1, we warm up with a few relaxing Yoga stretches, getting us in tune with our bodies and with our breathing. Then we move into the Pilates section, where we focus first on our core. Building a strong core can affect all areas of your body positively, as it is the powerhouse and support for your entire body.

We then move on to the fitness section of the Pilates class, where we enhance the muscle building potential of each Pilates movement with free weights and other props – all provided free by Energym. This section sculpts and shapes the entire body, resulting in a leaner look over time.

We then use a foam roller to cool down and massage the muscles that were worked hard during the class. We finish the class with Yoga stretches to warm down and aid in muscle recovery, and a soothing meditative relaxation session.

Our Intermediate Pilates Class uses Yoga to warm up and warm down, and focuses on core and muscle building.

Barre Pilates

Barre Pilates for all Yarra Edge Residents Melbourne - First Class Free!
Barre Pilates combines elements of Yoga, Barre and Pilates to create a unique and fun new class.

Energym Co-Founder Sara teaches this Barre class with an innovative twist, combining it with elements of both Yoga and Pilates to create a fun and distinctive class. We warm up with Yoga poses, using stretch movements to get every part of the body awake and ready for the class.

We then move on to the Barre section, using the ballet barre, mini ball and hand weights to tone up the entire body. This section is particularly designed to help shape the common problem areas of tummy, thighs and bum.

All props are provided free by Energym for the use of class members.


I look forward to my Pilates classes with Sara as she is so thorough regarding the correct techniques and keeps the classes hard and challenging. As I have a desk job it makes all the difference.

– Meg Donnelly, a regular at Energym’s Pilates class

I recently cleaned out my parents house over several days, lifting and carrying furniture and metal tools from the shed, expecting to be stiff and stiff afterwards. I was surprised how well by body coped without any soreness due to my strong core and breathing from Pilates.

– Angela Forgan, Energym Pilates class regular

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