Yoga definition and benefits.


Almost everyone has heard about yoga, but if you try to figure out you will find various definitions, often contradictory: from Indian gymnastics to spiritual practice, from Chinese art of wellbeing to exercise for ancient civilization.


So what is yoga? it originates from Sanskrit word “yug” meaning to ‘join’ or ‘to unite’. It is a combination of spiritual, physical and mental discipline. It is speculated to have originated during pre-Vedic times in India from Lord Shiva, also commonly known as ‘Lord of yoga and Meditation.


Since then it has spread through various cultures; developing and growing in




  • Asanas


ASANAS  – are comfortable postures that benefit physically both internally and externally.  It activates muscles which we hardly use in daily life and influences on the volume of cavities in body providing an inside massage to our viscera.


Some of the most frequently used poses are


Padmasana (lotus pose)


Bhadrasana(easy pose)


Simhasana(lion pose)


Virasana (warrior pose)


Matsiasana (fish pose)


Vrikshasana (tree pose)


Bhujangasana(cobra pose)


Utkatasana(squattig pose)


Shavasana (corphniques and exercizese pose)


PRANAYAMS – are breathing techniques and exercises


Pranayamas are aimed at improving breathing patterns which in turn improves cardiovascular capacity and relaxes mind and muscles.


BANDHAS is a Sanskrit word meaning a ‘lock’, which explains the mechanism of its.Bandhas block  flow of  energys and liuid related to them.


There are three main Bandhas


  • Jalandhara bandha
  • Uddiyana bandha
  • Mula bandha


KRIYA– are dynamic exercises used especially for cleansing of internal organs, digestive tract and blood


MUDRAS- Or gestures are performed with entire body usually using hands eyes and tongue


MEDITATION TECHNIQUES – aimed at mastering psyche functions by concentration either on breathing or signals coming from object.  Some forms of meditation involve repeating chants and mantras for inner peace and calmness.

Yoga benefit

 Yoga Mental benefits:



  • Control anxiety and depression
  • Boost memory
  • Increased concentration
  • Makes you happier
  • Sleep better
  • Control aggression
  • Increase focus


Physical benefits:


  • Build strength


  • Improve flexibility


  • Improve posture


  • Increase blood flow


  • Controls blood pressure


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